About Us

Under its original mandate, CCKSF was set up as a non-profit organization to provide an environment for persons interested in Chinese martial arts.

Through workshops, seminars, tournaments, and exhibitions, CCKSF fosters the spirit of benevolence, mutual help, and philanthropy of traditional Chinese martial arts. The Federation remains independent of all political orientation and cherishes racial harmony.


CCKSF is a member of CMGC, Canadian Martial Arts Games Committee. Please visit web site http://www.cmgc.ca for more details.

Under the leadership of Master Chiwai Lee, CCKSF has grown into many regional offices across the country. These organization has strived to become the foremost representative of the Chinese Martial Arts in Canada. Among its many accomplishments was the joining of the World Kobudo, giving the CCKSF the distinction of being one of the largest Martial Arts Federations in North America.

CCKSF has accomplished many awards from serving the communities in Canada. In its mandate, the new executive has charged itself with the task of bringing the Federation into the next century with a series of bold new efforts. Among these will be a new membership recruitment system, a modern and up-to-date communications system, a computer team to coordinate all CCKSF business and correspondence as well as our own web site on the world wide Internet.

The future of the CCKSF will be an exciting evolution. If you are not a member of the Federation now, this would be a good time to fill out an application and join us as we continue to strive for excellence.