Membership Benefits

Our members will enjoy these benefits:

  • Professional contact with the best martial arts instructors and schools, updated information in the Chinese Martial Art Community in Canada.
  • Recognition of your professional status and contribution to the martial arts. Group buying power of equipment and supplies. Excellent insurance rates for your club through group buying power.
  • Participation in CCKSF functions and activities which will bring attention to your club or yourself within your community.
  • Automatic placement on the CCKSF mailing list for newsletters and other informative packages.
  • Discounts to all CCKSF sponsored functions and regular seminars. Opportunities to travel and participate in competitions, workshops, and exhibitions.
  • Membership enhances your professional standing when you advertise your school.
  • For club members, your school name will be on our WEB–no extra charge.
  • Financial / Business opportunities through contacts within the CCKSF.
  • Assistance from the CCKSF for your club or schools fund raising activities. Quality training seminars, coaching clinics, first aid, and Chinese healing classes for you and /or your students on a regular basis.